Personal relationships don’t always work out. When they break down, emotions can run high and things become acrimonious; children can be impacted; your financial future may seem at risk –  the stakes are high. You need a calm head, who understands the law, can negotiate a fair resolution, but can engage in and firmly prosecute court proceedings if this becomes a necessary last resort. Experience is crucial in managing the emotions, identifying the issues, addressing the frequent crises, and steering a course to final completion.   

On separation, important issues may include:

  • parenting rights, including who will make decisions related to the children – this includes decisions related to their health care, education, religion and cultural practices, and extracurricular activities [- formerly know as rights or incidents of custody]
  • parenting schedules , setting out where (with which parent) the children will reside on school days, weekends, summers, Christmases, March breaks and other holidays [- formerly known as custody and access schedules]
  • the relocation of parents outside of their current municipality
  • contact with other family members, such as grandparents and step-parents
  • if a child has special needs, whether involvement of other agencies will be required
  • child support (the Table amount under the Child Support Guidelines)
  • children’s expenses (section 7 special and extraordinary expenses)
  • spousal support
  • medical, dental and other benefits
  • life insurance
  • determining the income of a self-employed spouse, for support purposes
  • the ownership of pets
  • the division of assets like the family home, businesses, vehicles, vacation properties, investments, and retirement assets such as pensions and RRSPs
  • the valuation of unique assets such as pensions and businesses, and how these assets are considered in dividing the property of spouses
  • the identification of debt, particularly joint debt between spouses, and how the payment and discharge of this debt will be accomplished.
  • Equalization payments – division of property between married spouses
  • unjust enrichment, trust and other property claims which may exist between common-law (unmarried) spouses

The resolution of these issues can shape your life for years to come. It is important to have experienced legal counsel, knowledgeable of Ontario’s family laws.

Why trust Robert?

Robert has been practicing family law since 1993. If commercial interests and businesses are at stake trust Robert to help.  Mr. Haas is one of a small number of family law lawyers in the London Ontario Canada area with experience in cases involving both family and commercial law.  Robert has also extensive experience in dealing with difficult parenting disputes. He has worked as counsel in multiple trials concerning all aspects of family law. With almost three decades of experience Robert has the knowledge and mastery that you can count on.  His offices are centrally located and offer free parking.  Robert can usually meet with clients within three business days of their initial contact with his office.

What Clients Say about Robert

“Mr. Robert A. Haas is a fantastic lawyer. My case was very difficult to say the least. I was on the losing end from every perspective. Robert was amazing, he turned my case around, put wind in my sail and surprisingly won money for me. Not only that, we won on every point! The most important thing is that I have my life back in order, along with my precious son and that is priceless. Pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend Robert.” Review from Piotr Szczepanik on Robert’s Google My Business profile, 12 July 2021

“I did a lot of research when was researching for a great lawyer that fits my personality and can help me with my complicated divorce and custody situation. I can claim this with the confidence that no one could ever do what Robert did for me. He worked weekend evenings, and nights on my case. I’m extremely happy with the result and his efforts in succeeding my court case. He is very understanding reasonable and caring. If you want a lawyer that keeps the core of the family together and think of the best interest of your children, Robert would the one for you. I’d like to thank Robert and his team again for their effort and perseverance in my case. I should also mention that my case is the most complicated and intense custodial and divorce situation, only an intelligent and caring lawyer like Robert could work on my case.” Review from Lawyer Ratingz, 10 June 2021,

“Robert Haas took on my case on the eve of trial when my previous lawyer quit. Robert worked around the clock and weekends to be totally educated on the entire file. 100% available all the time. Amazing in all respects. Incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable. Excellent litigator. Really felt supported and that he was invested in success. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.” Review from Lawyer Ratingz, 3 March 2021,

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